My favourite aliases in Mac Terminal

I always try to automate / reduce my routine daily works. Most of the time I work on Mac Terminal. There are few commands I use many of the time in a day, i.e., git commands.

I love shortcuts, so I create as many aliases possible. Open your bash profile file and add the needed aliases in it. I have my bash profile in ~/.bash_profile. The below are my favourite aliases especially for git:

# GIT aliases
alias gs='git status '   # Note the trailing space
alias ga='git add '   # Note the trailing space
alias gb='git branch '   # Note the trailing space
alias gc='git commit -m '   # Note the trailing space
alias gco='git checkout '   # Note the trailing space
alias gp='git pull'
alias gpr='git pull --rebase'
alias gpu='git push -u origin '   # Note the trailing space
alias gl='git log --oneline'
alias gst='git stash '   # Note the trailing space
alias gsl='git stash list'
alias gsp='git stash pop'

If you notice above, I’ve trailing spaces on few git commands. That means it may or may not take few parameter. For instance: The gc alias in the above will be used in terminal as:

$ gc "Adding file"

The above will be resolved to:

$ git commit -m "Adding file"

Other than the git aliases, I’ve other few aliases which eases my work life.

# Maven aliases
alias mi='mvn clean install '
alias mt='mvn clean test '

# Appium aliases
alias apm='appium &'

# Node aliases
alias nd='node '
alias nm='npm start '   # All javascript tools I develop will have 'npm start' script for sure

# Compress aliases
alias zp='zip -r -X '   # Makes the zip without Mac resource files such as _MACOSX, .DS_Store and so on. 1st parameter - zip file name, 2nd parameter - the folder to be zipped.
alias uzp='unzip '      # Unzips the compressed zip file. 1st parameter - zip file name.
alias tarc='tar -zcvf ' # 1st parameter - tar.gz file name, 2nd parameter - the folder to be tarred.
alias tarx='tar -zxvf ' # Untars the compressed tar file. 1st parameter - tar.gz file name.

# Clear screen alias
alias clr='clear'   # See how lazy I'm to type 5 letter words 'clear' :)

Once you added all your favourite aliases in the .bash_profile file, you will have to source it to make it work. In your terminal type the following command:

$ source ~/.bash_profile