Emailable Extent Report for TestNG

If you were following my blog, do you remember few days before I’ve announced a new java library called TestNG Extent Reporter? Now I’ve released a new feature called Emailable Report which I believe many of us eagerly needed from the extent report.

In case you are new to my blog, and wanted to have a look at TestNG Extent Reporter, head here for more details.

How to generate emailable report?

Follow here to setup. That is all you have to do to generate the emailable-report.html in the TestNG’s default output folder.

In case you want to overwrite the output folder location, then pass the jvm parameter as follows:

mvn clean test -DreportPath=output

The above will generate report.html and emailable-report.html in the ${project directory}/output directory.

This is the initial version of emailable report and there could be more features added. So feature requests are always welcome. To request for features, kindly log it here.