Appium Parallel Execution on OpenSTF

In the last post, we have seen how to execute appium tests in parallel using Selenium Grid. In this post, I’m going to show you how we can use OpenSTF, a Smartphone Test Farm - open source tool and execute our tests in parallel.

First clone this repo:

git clone

Now let’s setup the required tools:

  1. OpenSTF - Kindly follow the github instructions to install the openstf in your local machine
  2. Appium - Download and install as per the documentation
  3. Maven

Running test:

  1. Make sure your stf is running.
  2. Generate the Access Token from your stf settings page and copy it to your clipboard. (Settings > Keys > + > Give some title > Generate New Token).
  3. Open src/test/java/com/vimalselvam/stf/AndroidTest and change the following:
  4. STF_SERVICE_URL to your actual STF URL.
  5. ACCESS_TOKEN to the copied access token from the step #2.
  6. Update parallelDp data provider method to the list of device serial ids connected to your machine.
  7. From terminal, cd to the cloned directory and run mvn clean test.


Appium Parallel Execution on OpenSTF